#16 Wellbeing Factors That Elevate Performance

There are numerous wellbeing factors that elevate performance. In this summary I’ll focus on four of the most important wellness activities that will increase your mood and quality of life and with that your effectiveness and performance.

Two important points to consider are:

  1. Studies show you can do things to enhance your happiness and wellbeing in the present moment.
  2. When you do apply these wellbeing factors even for 2 min a day for 21 days in a row brain scans show that you begin to literally rewire your brain to experience more positive emotions and experiences.

Here are four wellbeing strategies that will elevate performance:

Positive Relationships

Studies consistently show that the quality of life we experience is determined by several key factors and positive relationships is at the top of this list.

The need to belong is a common human need.

Positive relationships are very important as research shows that we become the average of the five closest people around us. Be around people who support you and energise you.


Exercise is obviously important for our physical health but also has these important benefits:

  1. Exercise is effective in treating anxiety and panic.
  2. Exercise improves the ability to
  3. Exercise increases cognitive flexibility. Cognitive flexibility is being able to shift your thinking and to be creative. Cognitive flexibility would be to apply new strategies to solve problems and use information in creative ways rather than rote memorization of
  4. Exercise helps relieve and repair the effects of stress on the

Develop a Gratitude Habit 

Gratitude can make your life happier and more satisfying. When we feel gratitude, we benefit from the pleasant memory of a positive event in our life. Also, when we express our gratitude to others, we strengthen our relationship with them. In addition, the practice of gratitude helps you see the positive around you more than focusing on the negative.

What are 3 good things that happened to you today? Why did they happen / what did it feel like?

Conscious Acts of Kindness 

In one study, students were asked to perform five acts of kindness each week for six weeks (Lyubomirsky, Sheldon & Schkade, 2005).

These acts included writing a thank-you note, giving blood or helping a friend with their work. Students were told either to perform one act each day or all five acts on one day. Those who performed their acts of kindness each day showed a small increase in well-being.

The highest well-being was seen in those students who carried out all their acts of kindness on one single day during each of the six weeks of the study. Their well-being increased by an impressive 40.

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