#26 MINDSET: Creating Vision and Purpose

Discovering your WHY – your reason for achieving your personal best.

All too often when I speak with students, particuarly senior students there is a negativity toward the senior years of school.

There is often the cultural message that the final year of school and corresponding exams and assessments “will set you up for future success”. This is what tens of thousands of students have told me.

In the early years of high school some students can find it difficult to be motivated to attend because they don’t feel that school is relevant to them.

Having a core reason, identifying your WHY as Simon Sinek refers to it can help transform not only a person’s individual motivation but also that of a school or workplace.

Often we are caught up in what we need to do and how we need to do it. Both what and how questions are important. However, to discover your purpose, your belief, your inner motivation you need to ask “Why is this important”?

When you discover your WHY (your reason/s) for why school or a subject is important – those anwers increase your inner motivation and drive. So rather than waking in the morning and dreading going to school you wake in the morning and remind yourself why this is important to you and other.

Once you have your WHY (your reason) you can set small goals using the WOOP method below.

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