#28 MINDSET: How to Change Negative Thoughts

When you change your negative thinking you look for the good in your life more so. Your communication becomes more positive and your focus is on your strengths rather than your weaknesses. In a better positive state not only do you learn quicker and easier but your relationships and other areas of your life improve.

Common Myths Around Negative Thinking

Here are some common myths about negative thinking that are not very helpful:

  • You can stop your negative

You will notice that thoughts happen and then you are aware of them. That means we can’t “stop” them because the negative thought/s happens first. When we become aware (if we become aware) then you have a choice – do I keep focusing on that or do I focus on something more positive. The key is to become aware so you can limit the time you are running negative thoughts (stories) in your mind.

  • “Just change a negative thought to a positive thought”.

That can work if you believe the positive thought. That’s the common myth “just change it to positive”, however if you don’t believe the positive thought it can become a reminder and deepen the negative thought.

2 Ideas For A More Positive Mindset

1. Balance Your Mental Diet 

It’s impossible to escape the overwhelming negative images in news, film, online, gaming etc. That’s why it’s important to limit the negative, distressing, violent external sources and increase your exposure to positive stories and images.

2. Identify Your Positive Circle of Influence

You become the average of the 5 closest people around you! You know when you are around positive people because you walk away feeling uplifted and inspired rather than drained and exhausted. Take a moment to write down the 5 most positive people who influence you.

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