#35 Kaizen

Sometimes students think that ‘study skills‘ is just something you need to be concerned with when you are at school. This is not the case at all. For example, most jobs will require learning and training, certification and assessment. Planning, managing workload and good time management skills will also be essential when students leave school.

One of the many ways our school supports the development of independent learning skills is through providing access to the online study skills and well-being site: www.studysamurai.com. It is a good idea for students to choose different units to work on over time (maybe try a new unit each fortnight?) so they can develop their understanding of these important skills and reflect on the areas they need to work on. This specialist resource complements the skill development that takes place in our

The study skills tip for this month is taken from the unit that looks at the reflection process after a test is returned to students. One of the concepts outlined in this unit is that of ‘kaizen’. The word Kaizen itself is derived from two different Japanese words, ‘kai’ and ‘zen’. KAI, meaning: to change or modify; and ZEN, meaning: to improve. Small constant changes can make a huge difference to students’ results. Only by reflecting on the way they learn and making changes can students improve the way
they approach their work for school. The Study Samurai Library is a great tool to assist in this process.

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