#38 Steps to Senior School Success

3 Steps To Senior School Success

Having a vision and purpose about what you want to experience and achieve will give you direction and energy to make it happen.

Step 1 – Where are you?

Assess where you are at in the Senior School Journey. Do you “get it” and feel you understand what’s required of you? Check in with yourself. Rate your attitude and work ethic and contribution to the life of the school. Is it where it needs to be or does it need to change?

Step 2 – Where do you want to go?

Create a compelling vision for your final years. Taking the time to write and plan your goals creates a vision of where you want to go. Have a big enough “WHY” to motivate you – have BIG reasons to drive you forward to do whatever it takes to achieve your goals.

Step 3 – What’s holding you back?

You have your vision (step 2). Is there anything holding you back? It’s time to break through any barriers preventing you from achieving your vision! If you are not improving right now it’s bound to be your negative associations (thoughts, feelings, actions) towards one or all of the following that is holding you back:
1) Having the success / Being Successful
2) The process involved in becoming successful; and/or
3) Your own (perceived lack of) ability or deservedness to achieving it.
Release and let go negative associations to improving or achieving your personal best.

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