Strategies For A Growth Mindset.

Having Growth Mindset means you believe you can improve not only because you look for help but also due to your effort and practice.

A growth mindset helps you:

– Focus on learning rather than worry about results.
– Value the importance of effort rather than believing in “natural intelligence”.
– Work harder after experiencing setbacks rather than giving up.

3 Growth Mindset Strategies:

  • Self–Talk: Use the word YET when you catch yourself saying, “ I can’t do it…yet!” Surround yourself with other people who have more growth mindset beliefs.
  •  Feedback: Seek feedback and welcome set-backs and mistakes as information about how to improve.
  • Results: Focus on the process (the actions you need to take) rather than the result. In other words, focus on what you need to do to improve rather than what grade you achieved.

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