#54 Brain Rules Part 3

Did you know it’s impossible to multitask when paying attention? Or that studies show if you’re interrupted it takes 50% longer to accomplish a task? Not only that, you make up to 50% more errors. Knowing how the brain works will help you be more productive, confident and efficient and as a result your ability to achieve the things you want increases.

Here are brain rules 7 to 10:

  1. Stress

Stressed brains do not learn the same way as non-stressed brains.

Under chronic stress, adrenaline creates scars in your blood vessels that can cause a heart attack or stroke, and cortisol damages the cells of the hippocampus, crippling your ability to learn and remember.

  1. Sensory integration

Stimulate more of the senses at the same time.

We absorb information about an event through our senses, translate it into electrical signals (some for sight, others from sound, etc.), disperse those signals to separate parts of the brain, then reconstruct what happened, eventually perceiving the event as a whole.

  1. Vision

Vision trumps all other senses.

We learn and remember best through pictures, not through written or spoken words.

  1. Exploration

We are powerful and natural explorers

Babies are the model of how we learn—not by passive reaction to the environment but by active testing through observation, hypothesis, experiment, and conclusion.

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