There is a constant complaint from teachers, parents and students about a lack of motivation. Knowing what motivates you can help you take action. Then you use the motivation to not only take action but also turn that action into a habit so you are not relying on motivation alone.  Having the certainty that you can “push past” procrastination also builds your confidence:

Consider using some or all of the 7 Motivation Strategies below.

  1. Create desire and pleasure

How important is it to you?

  1. Create pain.

What will it cost you if you don’t do it?

  1. Create interest.

You need to bring either acceptance, enjoyment or enthusiasm about what you are doing to create interest.

  1. Increase your energy.

Do you exercise, take breaks, get enough sleep, eat well, drink water?

  1. Create positive self-talk.

Do your thoughts and emotions help you achieve what you want?

  1. Have a positive peer group.

Do your friends and family support and encourage you in your goals?

  1. Focus and chunk it down.

Do you break large tasks down into manageable parts? Do you reward yourself after you complete each part?


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