#6 Emotional Resilience

I believe one of the most important skills you can learn is emotional resilience.

Emotional resilience is not about suppressing or pushing down or away “negative” emotions but more how you manage your emotional and mental state.

Are you feeling sadness, fear, doubt and worry?

Or are you feeling more “positive” emotions like joy, love, happiness or peace?

All emotions serve a purpose and the ability to access powerful emotional states and manage debilitating emotions is crucial to living a purposeful life.

Managing Your Emotional State

If you are feeling stressed or anxious you know when you are on top of feeling that way or if those emotions are controlling you.

The way to tell is to ask yourself  three questions:

  1. How intense is this? Give yourself a number from zero to
  2. How often am I feeling this way?
  3. How long does this feeling stay around before I begin feeling a little better?

You can know you are managing difficult emotions if the intensity, frequency and duration of that emotional state is getting better or worse.

3 ways to manage your emotional state 

Here are 3 simple tips that can help you “interrupt the pattern” of a difficult emotional state.

  1. Story – This is the story you are telling yourself about yourself or the situation or circumstance you are
  2. State – This is the mental and emotional state you experience with this problem.
  3. Strategy – This is the actions and behaviours you use with this

Create a breakthrough

Have you noticed that you can’t change or control people and events?

Often other people and events are out of our control. However, despite being on the receiving end of what other people or events bring to you – changing either your story, state and strategy are within your control.

Now that we are clear about that let’s focus on what you can do.  What’s one breakthrough or change you want to make in your life? Now identify ONE new:

  • Strategy you can implement. What can you do differently?
  • Story you can tell yourself that changes the meaning you are putting on this
  • State you can bring to this

One of the most powerful, simple and fast ways to change your emotional state is to change your physiology.

Do you notice when someone is sad or upset they tend to look down and speak more quietly and softly and most of all their upper body is hunched over compared to when you see someone happy.

They tend to look up and speak louder and faster and their upper body is upright and straight.

To feel better be sure to move your body the way you do when you are experiencing positive happy emotions.

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