#72 Getting Into A Flow State

Commonly called “Being In The Zone”, the flow state can be described as an enlightened experience unleashing superhuman creativity, where you feel the following:

  • Compete concentration.
  • A sense of time flying by, losing track of the outside world.
  • Massive productivity and immersion in the tasks without any apparent effort.
  • An optimal state of consciousness where self-awareness disappears.
  • The sense of a cloud lifting you up into productivity, where you let go of your fears and blocks, and you just do it!

When in the zone, you are mindful of the moment and act, move and flow with the rhythm of creativity, undisturbed by negative self-talk.

How to get into a Flow State.

Challenge is necessary to be in a flow state. A good balance between the challenge of the task and the skill of the performer.

Four factors are in play here:

  1. Passion for an activity automatically stimulates interest and enjoyment.
  2. If the activity is not challenging, you won't be motivated to dive into the process and flow won’t happen.
  1. However you can’t have too much challenge. It must be an activity in which a skill-set is well matched, such as a new milestone for a familiar activity.
  1. If your skill-set is not well matched or developed, you will just end up being frustrated, not excited. Negative emotions block flow.

Depending on your skill level you can achieve flow by:

  1. Developing your skills in order to meet the challenge.
  2. Taking more risks. Set higher challenges and higher consequences for yourself to drive interest.

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