#76 Model the Masters

Asking for help from people who have mastered the skill or goal you want to achieve is a good idea because it will save you time. That’s because you are not alone and are helped by people who have gone through your struggles. You will learn and develop the skill faster when you’re modelling the skill from someone who’s already mastered it.

To learn a skill from someone who has mastered it there are three steps:

1) Identify a skill you want to master and if it’s a soft or hard skill.
2) Identify who you think you can learn the skill best from.
3) Engrave the skill in your brain.

Engrave the Skill
Once you’ve been able to observe someone who has mastered the skill you want the next step is to spend 15 minutes a day engraving the skill in your brain. The idea here is to watch the skill being performed closely, with great intensity, over and over, until you build a high definition mental blueprint. The key to effective engraving is to create an intense connection: to watch and listen so closely that you can imagine the feeling of performing the skill.

Soft or Hard Skills
Every skill falls into one of two categories: hard skills and soft skills. Hard, High Precision skills are actions that are performed as correctly and consistently as possible, every time.

Hard skills are about ABC:

Soft high flexibility skills on the other hand have many parts to a good result not just one. The skills aren’t about doing the same thing perfectly every time but rather about being agile and interactive; about instantly recognising patterns as they unfold and making smart timely choices.

Soft skills are about the three R’s

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