#83 Increasing emotional resilience

Increase Emotional Resilience

Emotional resilience is not about suppressing or pushing down or away “negative” emotions but more how you manage your emotional and mental state.

To manage your state be sure to:

1) Accept and acknowledge how you’re feeling. Do that by paying attention and focusing on how you are feeling in your body. Notice the body sensations, do you feel the stress in your lower back or chest or shoulders? Notice and focus on those sensations without judgement or making it change.

2) Now you’ve “been with” the emotion and noticed how it feels in your body use strategies to help move that emotion through your body. You can use techniques like tapping on pressure points and breathing techniques you’ll see when you login to https://studysamurailibrary.com/ Exercise also helps.

3) If you’re focusing on stories in your mind that are making you feel upset do them same thing. Be aware that you have thoughts that make you feel upset and then refocus your attention and energy away from the upsetting thought to something that makes you feel better. Focus on something you are grateful for.

4) Helping others is a sure way to not only help the other person but also yourself to feel better. Think about a person and an act of kindness you can do for them

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