#86 Create Positive Habits

The 3 Things You Need to Create Positive Habits
1) Identify the habit. This is the ROUTINE.
What could be one simple thing you could do every day to make life, more fun,
happy, fulfilling, hopeful and peaceful etc.
2) Give yourself a REWARD for following through and taking action to build your
positive habit each day.
What’s the reward? It may be how you feel after you take
action on your habit.
3) What’s your CUE? How will you know it’s time to take action on that positive habit?
A cue is like a trigger, a signal that it’s time to take positive action. It can be any of
the following things:
– Person
– Place
– Thing
– Environment
Remember it takes 66 days to create a habit. The first 21days can be the most difficult. To motivate you to get started ask yourself, how will I benefit in my life if I was to program this habit in the next 66 days?


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