#91 Focus


Recent studies reveal:

People who focus, have self-control and delay gratification have better quality lives regardless of social or economic backgrounds.

 The ability to focus helps you learn faster.

 Being able to switch your focus on and off when needed makes you happier.Distraction and how to refocus

There are two main varieties of distractions – sensory and emotional.

Sensory distraction is just that, background noise, sounds, shapes, colours, tastes, smells, etc. The brain has become good at being able to tune out these types of sensory distractions.

Emotional distraction is harder to tune out from. This can be any type of stress, upset, relationship issues etc. Those who focus best are relatively immune to emotional turbulence, more able to stay unflappable in a crisis and to keep on an even keel despite life’s emotional waves.

Five ways to help you’re focus
1.Admit you are off task.
2.Remind yourself of the original task and why it’s important.
3.Eliminate distractions.
4.Refocus by choosing a starting point. E.g. a marker of where you are reading.
5.Pay attention to small details to narrow your focus to the task at hand.

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