#93 How to respond to “failure”

All too often in our schools the fear of failure paralyses performance. Worse than that, far too many students see “failure” in a result as a reflection of themselves. When you believe you’re a failure because of a result or feedback you received, you tend to avoid that “painful” experience again.

How to use “Failure” to grow and learn:

1.Redefine Failure – Change the meaning you give to a setback or “failure”. Is it really a failure or learning experience? If you learn and grow from the experience it’s not a failure but more a learning experience.

2.Embrace mistakes and imperfections – Rather than avoid mistakes and imperfections – embrace them because you grow and become better.

3.Learn from mistakes – If you receive feedback around your writing (to add depth and sophistication) as an example, be sure to learn and practice what that involves. Making the same mistake is not learning from it!

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