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#3 Building concentration skills

 BUILDING CONCENTRATION SKILLS Many students find it difficult to concentrate and stay focused when they are doing their schoolwork at home. So what can we do to improve concentration levels? Try these top tips: IMPROVE THE ENVIRONMENT: Have a good hard look at the environment you are trying to concentrate in. Is it noisy? …

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#2 Starting your day for success

 STARTING YOUR DAY FOR SUCCESS No one knows what tomorrow will bring. We can’t control every event or circumstance we experience and respond each day. However the happiest most successful people on the planet Design their Day! Why The Morning Is So Important Your mornings are the most important part of the day. Say …

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#1 Top habits for students

TOP 5 HABITS FOR STUDENTS Recently I was asked what I thought the top 5 habits were for students in their last year of school. I came up with this list below, then realised wouldn’t it be great if all students had these habits firmly entrenched before they even reached the senior years of school! …

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