#4 Creating Positive Habits

How many times have you said or perhaps have heard, “I’m just not motivated to (fill in the blank)”.

I’ve come to discover that motivation is overrated!

Sure we need it, especially to start a task or a project or a new wellbeing habit like exercise.

Often we know what we need to do, we know that it will be helpful and beneficial but we don’t do it and the excuse is often, “I’m not motivated enough”.

When I ask students what happens when they receive an assignment they usually tell me that they leave it to the last moment.

They say, “I only ever get motivated at the last minute, the night before”. My response is that they are confusing motivation with desperation!

The point is that even last minute desperate actions to complete an assignment are not filled with enthusiastic motivation.

You can, “not be motivated” and despite your feelings still take action.

That’s because as human beings we are driven by the need to avoid pain and gain pleasure. The night before flurry of activity, is not motivation but more an attempt to avoid pain.

So rather than relying on whether you feel motivated to take positive action, build a positive habit instead.

The 3 Things – Cue, Reward and Routine, That Help You Program A Habit 

First it takes 66 days to create a habit. The first 21days can be the most difficult. To persevere until you create your positive habit you need to:

  • Identify the habit. Routine

What could be one simple thing you could do every day to make life, more fun, happy, fulfilling, hopeful and peaceful etc.

  • Why did you choose that? Write down 3 reasons why this habit will make a positive difference in your life.
  • Give yourself a reward for following through and taking action to build your positive habit each
  • What’s your trigger? How will you know it’s time to take action on that positive habit?

Here you need to identify a Cue. A cue can be anyone of the following:

  • Person
  • Place
  • Thing
  • Environment

A cue is like a trigger, a signal that it’s time to take positive action.

To summarise, use motivation to start creating a positive habit in your life. Habits are automatic and don’t require motivation after you have it programmed.

To remove negative habits in your life, create more positive habits. The more positive habits in your life the more negative habits tend to fall away.

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