Episode 12 – Overcoming Anxiety

Welcome to a very special episode of the BrainTree Podcast. In this episode Rocky interviews a special guest about overcoming anxiety.

[00:31] Rocky introduces his guest, Steve Wells, a psychologist, professional speaker and peak performance consultant based in Perth, Western Australia. Rocky gives us his regular quote from Steve.

[04:00] Steve tells us that it’s great to think positively, but that doesn’t mean you have to banish your negative thoughts. What you resist tends to persist.

[05:35] Rocky introduces us to Steve’s “tapping technique” for overcoming anxiety. Steve defines anxiety so we can better understand how to conquer it. Rocky and Steve tell us how an over-active imagination can create negative feelings.

[09:10] Steve gives us some of the science and psychology behind the bodies reaction to anxiety. The hosts discuss the relation of the tapping technique to acupuncture.

[12:40] Steve walks us through the technique, which you can also find at EFT Downunder.

[19:07] Rocky and Steve give us some anecdotes about how tapping has worked for them and others.

[24:50] Rocky gives us instructions for specific situations, this is how tapping can help you focus for an exam.

[28:00] Steve gives us a discreet way to use tapping in the middle of an exam.

[29:28] Rocky wraps up and reminds us to visit Steve’s website as well as recommending his book Enjoy Emotional Freedom.

Tune in next time for another great episode of the BrainTree Podcast!

2 thoughts on “Episode 12 – Overcoming Anxiety”

  1. Steve’s information on anxiety and “tapping” was simple and clearly well researched. My son has been suffering from anxiety for sometime now and I’m trusting that the “tapping” technique will help solve his problem. Thank-you!

    1. Thanks Lizzie. I use the tapping in my counselling practice and personally along with my daughter and family and I’m sure it will help. Let me know how you go and if we can help further.

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