Episode 13 – Practice

Welcome back to the freshest episode of the BrainTree Podcast!

[01:34] Rocky kicks off the show with a quote.

“Everything is about learning.”

[01:55] Everything, from your dress to your attitude, is about learning.

 [05:11] Rocky shifts focus to today’s topic, Practice. How can we know that we’re learning new skills and practising the right way? Rocky shares some research from Daniel Coyle, author of the Talent Code.

“Forget everything else about your genes and your potential, it’s all noise. If you practice better, you’ll develop your talent. You won’t develop your talent if you don’t practice better.”

 [07:58] So how do we know when we’re doing effective practice? Coyle advocates R.E.P.S.

  • Reaching (or repeating)
  • Engaging
  • Purposefulness
  • Strong, direct, immediate feedback.

[09:20] Let’s break that down. Does your practice have you operating on the edge of your ability? Reaching and repeating. Rocky gives us a scenario to explain the first part of the concept. Are we practising in our comfort zone or are we reaching beyond it? To learn and practise effectively you need to reach beyond what your already know and be comfortable with it.

[15:43] Is the practise immersive? Does it command your engagement? Rocky gives us another scenario to demonstrate the next practice concept. You have to engage and interact with the study material, not just read it, to turn practice into perfect practice.

[17:52] Does the task directly connect you to the skill you want to build? A third scenario illustrates this concept. Practice should be conducted in a situation and environment similar to the one where the knowledge will be needed. Practice an exam under exam conditions.

[19:28] The learner always needs to monitor their progress and understand whether their practice is effective. Reviewing is essential to ensure that if you practice any mistakes then you can correct them sooner rather than practising them too long.

[23:38] After a personal story from Rocky, showing us the importance of having the ability to review, Rocky and Prue recap R.E.P.S. before asking some questions for listener feedback.

What other elements should we consider including in our practice?

How do you achieve you best practices?

What else should we include in best practice?

Send us your responses and we’ll discuss your answers in a future episode! Come back next time for more study skills from the BrainTree Podcast.

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