Episode 14 – Handwriting

Greetings listeners! Welcome back to the latest from the BrainTree Podcast!

[02:02] Prue kicks off this week’s topic with a quote from Chekhov.

“Knowledge is of no value unless you put it into practice”

[04:20] Prue gets into the meat of the episode and tells us about the deterioration of handwriting in modern society and the hosts ponder a future where handwriting is obsolete and exams are taken on computers and are typed. They even discuss an even more distant future where even keyboards have been phased out.

[11:54] Prue gives us her experience with learning to write and transitioning from cursive to printing and gives us tips on how to write fast in an exam. Try practising with a few different pens to find the one that is most comfortable for you.

[14:19] Don’t worry about the style of your grip, just remember not to grip too tightly. You should be writing with your forearms and shoulder and not your fingers and wrist.

Improving Handwriting

[15:56] When you want to improve your writing, start with large strokes and gradually decrease your size. Make sure to use ruled paper and practise slowly every day. You can’t practise style and speed at the same time. Practise the style first and then when you have improved you can move on to the speed. Prue recommends a month of  five to ten minutes of practice a day for style and another month for speed. Don’t forget the tips from the last episode! Make sure to track and review your progress!

[21:34] So you will need to diagnose the problems in your writing and then slowly work on improving them.

[22:15] Prue describes a couple of unique pens that could help your handwriting. The first is a pen with an eraser (or another small weight taped to the top) to help build the writing muscles in your arm.

Prue's Pens

 [24:41] The second is a pen with a more scientific background. Known as the Ring Pen, it’s an ergonomic pen that takes a while to get used to, but can do a lot to improve your handwriting.

[27:55] Prue suggests taking yourself back and buying some handwriting practice books from the primary learning section of a bookshop as a good way to build your better handwriting up from the beginning.

[28:35] The hosts wrap up and ask for your feedback. Tell us about your experiences with handwriting and any tips you have for improving your handwriting! We’d also love if you left us a comment or review on iTunes!

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