Episode 2 – Goal Setting

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Welcome to episode two of the BrainTree podcast, hosted by Rocky Biasi and Prue Salter who are here to help you learn more effectively.

They start off discussing goal setting and how to set goals most effectively before Rocky discusses how pain and pleasure drive human behaviour. Rocky discusses how he uses his own pain and his own personal driver to help him create motivation. He talks about how he uses Toodledo to log and prioritise tasks while Prue schedules tasks in her diary and prioritises them herself.

The hosts talk about procrastination and letting to-do lists take up mental space then move on to the importance of getting those lists down on paper to stop them taking up mental space and allowing yourself to create a plan of action.

Prue closes by answering a question about coping with exam pressure and reducing stress in difficult situations.

Tune in for the next episode to hear Prue explain the top study mistakes students make.

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