Episode 20 – Learning Sucks – How to Turn Learning into A Positive Experience

Welcome to the latest from BrainTree podcast! This week Rocky takes the lead in telling us how to turn learning into a positive experience.

[01:54] Rocky starts us off with a quote, today it’s from Henry Dougherty.

“Get over the idea that only children should spend their time in study. Be a student so long as you still have something to learn, and this will mean all your life.”

So today’s episode is all about learning!

[02:55] Rocky tells us a story of his childhood self scoffing at the idea of learning being important.

[05:37] Rocky tells us the answers to two questions that he gets very passionate about. His question about what students associate with the HSC (NSW Secondary School Certificate) yields responses such as stress, anxiety and pressure. His question about the main message that students receive is that failure in the HSC will lead to failure in later life. So Rocky asks where this pressure has come from and both he and Prue advise that you should try your best, but there’s always alternative routes to where you want to go.

[10:10] Prue tells us about the contrasting experiences of her and Rocky in their support at school and they discuss the power of positive reinforcement in motivating students as well as setting a positive example. Rocky further explains the detrimental effects of negative attitudes in influencing a growth mindset. Rocky suggests listening to episode eighteen – How to Change Negative Thinking for more information.

[17:55] Rocky recites an encounter he had with a teacher from his Teacher Training who asked how to respond when students are apathetic toward the results and consequences of standardised testing. Rocky says that education should be less goal-oriented and more process-oriented. Prue suggests going back to episode six – Success Mindset to understand this better.

[22:43] Rocky discusses game-ification in learning and gives teachers some tips on why this works for learning. The learning is open-ended and there’s more that can be explored also, no one is telling them what to do. Many of the most popular games involve learning in a self-motivated fashion. Prue and Rocky discuss the emerging research in this field.

[26:36] Another important aspect of games that should be incorporated into learning is that it’s safe to fail, to learn, explore, build and share. It’s ok to make mistakes as long as you learn from them. Rocky further tells us that we need to foster learning that enhances participation and contribution that self-driven, creative and collaborative.

[30:16] Rocky announces the upcoming release of his and Prue’s Be A Better Learner resource, so keep an eye out for that! Our hosts wrap up the episode by teasing the next one where Prue will be discussing research. Don’t forget to give us any comments, questions or feedback and please leave us a review on iTunes!

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