Episode 23 – How to Restore Your Energy When You’re Exhausted or Burned Out

Welcome to the latest from Rocky and Prue at BrainTree podcast!

[01:56] After introducing a new resource on learning, Rocky and Prue jump in to the topic of the day, restoring your energy. Prue starts things off with a quote from one of her students

“Studying for my year twelve exams is like going on a school trip to Canberra: you know it’s important, but it’s really boring.”

Prue and Rocky both say they enjoyed the quote, even if it is inaccurate about Canberra.

[04:08] Rocky tells us that research is showing that a majority of teachers burn out of the profession after just five years and that stress is increasing across many professions. Prue tells us that she discovered an article on mindbodygreen.com that she wanted to discuss with Rocky. So here’s the tips:

[05:48] Rest when your body says rest. Prue tells us a personal story about learning to rejuvenate and help her study better. Rocky tells us a similar story about learning to listen to his body.

[09:22] Cultivate stillness within you. Rocky tells us that there is a healing power in stillness. It doesn’t necessarily mean quiet, but it can. It’s more about being in the moment. Prue suggests taking a moment before studying or starting an exam to take a deep breath and find calm and stillness within you.

[12:31] Practice whole-body breathing. Prue and Rocky both discuss focussing on your breathing, concentrate on deep breaths and find how deep you can breathe.

[15:58] Nourish your body wholeheartedly. Rocky tells us it’s important to listen to your body in reaction to foods and find the foods that nourish you. Prue tells us that there’s often conflicting advice on when. what and how much we should be eating, so it’s important to listen to your body and don’t force something that doesn’t feel right. Our hosts also tells us to stay hydrated and avoid energy drinks.

[22:46] Explore gentle and restorative movement. Prue suggest trying walking, stretching or yoga to find what helps restore your energy. Prue and Rocky both tell us about their evolving preferences for gentle exercise rather than strenuous exercise. Rocky recommends reading Spark: The Revolutionary New Science of Exercise and the Brain by John Ratey.

[26:04] Have compassion for yourself. Rocky tells us that we gain energy from love and compassion. Prue says to not be harsh on yourself.

[27:28] Stop doing what drains you. Prue elaborates by talking about how your body responds to different people, places or situations and suggests listening to this, although sometimes it’s hard or impossible to avoid this. Both Prue and Rocky suggests that if you are entering into situations or dialogues with people that drain your energy and you can avoid it, then you should try to cut it out or minimise it. Rocky tells us that if you can’t stop doing things that drain you, then you need to start doing more things that uplift you. Prue says that even if you can’t change the situation, you can change your response and reaction to the situation. Rocky tells us that this is easier said than done, but it is important and powerful.

[32:29] Nurture what inspires you. Inspiration is energy. Rocky tells us about an anecdote  about year twelve studentsPrue at the zoo who are constantly told that there’s no year thirteen and they only have one shot at this, which both Rocky and Prue suggest is terrible advice. Rocky also tells us about a man who was too depressed to work, but when he imagined a possibility where he could work doing what inspired him he suddenly gained energy and was more inspired. Prue tells us about her love for animals and both hosts say that what inspires you and your “purpose” is not necessarily your work.

[37:47] Be vigilant with your time. Learn to guard your time like the gift that it is. Rocky and Prue both suggest you must schedule time for yourself. Rocky tells us about how he gives himself a break by taking a weekend away, which he calls “Rocky’s Retreat”.

[40:15] Look for a deeper meaning. Rocky tells us to take lessons from your experiences and if they burn you out or drain you, then look how you can change that or your reaction to that in the future.

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