Episode 25 – Merry Christmas from BrainTree Podcast!

Merry Christmas! Thanks for downloading this special episode of BrainTree podcast. Since today is Christmas Day, we don’t want to take up too much of your time, so this is a short Christmas message for you!

[01:50] Since BrainTree is all about learning, Prue suggests you take some time while your family and friends are around you to learn more about them and your interactions with them. Rocky agrees that sometimes it can be good to refocus and look at people and interactions in a new way, as well as learning something about your own role in those interactions.

[04:34] Rocky tells a story about “How to Fill Your Bucket.” from a children’s book he recently purchased for his daughter. There was a young boy who could see what others couldn’t, that everyone had an invisible bucket above their heads. He noticed when his family were angry with him his bucket began to drain, which caused him to drain other’s buckets. He tells a story in front of his class and as the class are enthralled with his story he realises his bucket is refilled with their applause. He helps out a friend and both he and his friends buckets are filled with his kind actions.

Thank you for listening! Enjoy your Christmas and look out for more BrainTree podcasts in the new year!


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