Episode 26 – New School Year Resolutions

Happy new year! Welcome back to a new year of BrainTree podcast. Rocky and Prue are back for another year of learning.

[01:17] Prue has returned from an overseas trip and the hosts discuss the value of travel as a learning experience. They then introduce the topic for this episode and Prue sets up that there are seven different areas that should be considered when preparing for a new school year. Rocky suggests that some might also be relevant outside of school.

[03:18] Prue introduces her quote for this episode. She quotes American musician Brad Paisley.

“Tomorrow is the first blank page of a 365 page book. So make sure you write a good one”

[04:54] Rocky goes on to discuss that often life is happening to us rather than we’re engaging and defining our life. Prue agrees with this.

[06:00] Prue starts looking at her seven areas to prepare for learning. She starts with 1. Look at your environment which she had previously discussed in episode nine. Clear the clutter in your physical environment and you will clear the clutter in your mind.

New School Year Resolution

[08:45] 2. Be organised and create a filing system for your materials. In whatever format your learning materials are in, make sure they’re organised and you can easily find what you want when you need it. The hosts discuss that the system doesn’t have to be alphebetised or any other strict format, but you should create an organisation system that you feel comfortable with. Rocky tells us how his filing system of choice is Evernote. Prue also suggests being flexible.

[12:22] Once your have established a clean environment and a filing system then you should move on to 3. Create a working routine and schedule for the year. Prue tells us that creating a structure and a process will help make your study and learning more efficient. Rocky suggests revisiting episode eight for more information on this.

[15:00] 4. Think about your planning systems. How are you going to manage the workload? How are you going to keep track of what work needs to be done and how are you going to schedule and plan that work? Prue suggests a diary or calendar and also a term planner. Rocky recalls that in episode five they discussed a variety of methods for planning.

[16:22] 5. If you’re a student then the start of the year can set the tone for the rest of the year. If you start the year with an attitude that is open and ready to work then you will benefit. Rocky agrees that if you do not have the right tone and attitude then you will not succeed with any of the other steps.

[21:22] 6. Do more than you’re asked to do. Whatever tasks are laid out for you, you should try to be ahead of the curve. The students who excel are the ones who take more responsibility and set their own pace in their curriculum. Rocky and Prue discuss being proactive and discuss how to teach students to take their own initiative.

[27:30] 7. The final step is to make sure you have your lifestyle in order. Make sure you have enough sleep, pay attention to your diet and nutrition and make sure you don’t overreach and you have enough time to rest and restore.

[29:40] Rocky begins to wrap up by asking for feedback. If you have any comments or questions then please get in touch. If you have any ideas for topics you’d like to hear discussed then send it in. Don’t forget to leave us a rating or review on iTunes!

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