Episode 29 – Meditation and Mindfulness

Welcome to episode 29 of BrainTree podcast!

In this episode, Rocky and Prue are going to discuss “Meditation and Mindfulness”. Rocky divided the episode into two main parts:

  1. Studies that proves meditation changes the brain.
  2. Practical ways to start applying meditation and mindfulness.

“Mindfulness is paying attention in a particular way, on purpose, in the present moment and nonjudgmentally” — Marcia Lucas

On this episode of BrainTree podcast, Rocky and Prue are going to share:

  • How meditation helps you focus on the present.
  • How meditation strengthen your brain through “gyrification”.
  • Difference between the brains of meditaters and non-meditaters.
  • Tips on starting a meditation practicing.
  • How meditation helps in reducing stress.
  • The best way to start your day.

Meditation and mindfulness can be very closely linked. You don’t have to sit down in a formal  practice, you can include it in your daily habits and become more aware of what you’re doing. Focus on what you do in the moment!

It’s a piece of advice yogis have given for thousands of years: take a deep breath and relax. Watch the tension melt from your muscles and all your niggling worries vanish. Somehow we all know that relaxation is good for us.

News and Updates

Rocky is releasing his “Online Wellbeing Resource”, It’s a program that helps people with stress and anxiety. This resource has 18 modules (short videos, audios, PDFs).

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Mindfulness App mentioned by Prue:


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