Episode 3 – Study Mistakes

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Prue and Rocky are back for episode three of the BrainTree podcast!

First up some coverage on signing up for a free copy of “Psychology of Peak Performance” and show notes.

The hosts tell a few stories about their own recent challenges with motivation and getting in to the groove before moving on to.

Biggest study mistakes

The top 7 study mistakes

  1. Irregular study notes. Not keeping up with your study notes can cause you to fall behind.
  2. Not completing your notes in time to study them. You have to have a deadline for creating study notes and then make time to review them.
  3. Making the notes too complex. Your notes have to be brain friendly and easy to learn.
  4. Passive reading. Don’t just read the material, you have to be active in your learning. Read it back, explain it to someone else, but never just read it.
  5. Only studying in one way. Learn in a variety of different ways. Make flashcards, mindmaps, record yourself speaking the notes, but keep up the variety.
  6. Just like the last mistake, practise in a variety of methods from a variety of sources.
  7. Not practicing under exam conditions. Simulate the situation in which you will need this knowledge.

Why not ask some questions or leave us some suggestions? Tune in for the next episode!

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