Episode 30 – Secondary School Success Tips

Welcome to episode 30 of BrainTree podcast!

In this episode, Rocky and Prue discuss valuable “Success Tips for Secondary Students”. You’ll listen to key messages that you will definitely want your student to know. These tips are especially relevant for when students first enter the world of secondary school, but will apply to all students looking for ways to improve their academic performance.

“Try not to become a man of success, but rather become a man of value”—Albert Einstein

In this episode of BrainTree podcast, Prue shares five main and critical success tips for secondary students:

  • Understanding the concept of independent learning.
  • Working smart.
  • Being organized and planning.
  • Asking for help early.
  • Learning how to study properly.

Tune in whether you’re a parent, teacher or student to listen to some valuable tips and ideas.

Sec Success Tips

News and Updates:

Prue has just started a new series of resources that she’s writing. It’s basically a “HELP series” (Helping students become Effective Learners Program). Prue has written the first one in the series which is all about starting secondary school. It’s available for a very affordable price and there are two versions, the first for teachers (to photocopy and use with classes) and the second for parents to use personally with their student.

  1. HELP#1 – Starting Secondary School (For Teachers)
  2. HELP#1 – Starting Secondary School (For Parents)

Links referred to in episode 30:

  1. Using Your Diary for planning video
  2. Weekly Planners

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