Episode 31: Living Life By Design – How To Turn Your Life Around

Welcome to episode 31 of BrainTree podcast – “Living Your Life By Design”.

In this episode, Rocky and Prue speak about designing a life free of stress, anxiety and depression that will help you pursue your dreams and live happily.

“The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step” – Lao Tzu

In this episode of BrainTree podcast, Rocky discusses how to turn your life around and shares:

  • How to deal with the increase in stress and anxiety.
  • Importance of being deliberate about living your life.
  • Simple daily routines that will help you live your desired life.
  • How exercise is linked to good mental health.
  • The ideal way to start your day and it’s impact on the rest of the day.

This episode was inspired by a teacher who asked Rocky, “How do we put you out of a job”? She was referring to the increase in anxiety and depression in young people in schools. Listen to this episode as we look at not just how to deal with anxiety but also look at the habits and routines happy and successful people use in their lives and how research is proving that living your life by design is an essential component to having a “good life”.

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If you want to know more about Rocky, visit his website. Also, check out his “Online Wellbeing Resource”, It’s a program that helps people with stress and anxiety. This resource contains 18 valuable modules. You can either purchase a personal or school license for affordable prices www.humanconnections.com.au/offers/online-wellbeing/free

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