Episode 34: Influence

Welcome to episode 34 of BrainTree Podcast – “Influence”

In this episode, Rocky and Prue discuss why telling students what to do lowers motivation and the key communication principles that can motivate and influence students.

Quotation for the episode:

It appears the mere act of constructing a vision of a solution is a catalyst for bringing it about

In this episode of BrainTree Podcast, Rocky shares:

  • Why we can’t make a person do something they don’t want.
  • How telling someone to do something they liked can lower their motivation to take action.
  • The psychological reactance concept.
  • How to build connection and rapport with students.
  • How to communicate to students to influence them.
  • A communication method that influenced people with clinical depression to make positive changes.
  • A series of 6 questions that will influence change.

News and Updates:

If you want to know more about Rocky and what he has to offer, visit his website at www.humanconnections.com.au.

Also,check out his “Accidental Counsellor Training” or read useful information on his blog.

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