Episode 35: The key skill our children need the most – attention

Welcome to episode 35 of BrainTree Podcast – “The key skill our children need the most – attention”

In the episode of BrainTree Podcast, Rocky and Prue discuss why attention and focus are essential for students and how it affects their study and life. They provide practical methods that definitely help students increase their attention and focus.

Quotation for the episode:

“We learn best with focused attention. As we focus on what we’re learning, the brain maps that information on what we already know making new neural connections”– Daniel Goleman

In this episode of BrainTree Podcast, Rocky & Prue shares:

  • The Marshmallow test and what does it prove.
  • What effects does technology has on students.
  • Methods to improve attention and focus.
  • Importance of Meditation & Mindfulness.
  • Distractions facing students and how to bring their focus back.

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Focus: The Hidden Driver of Excellence

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