Episode 37: Homework Tips for Teachers

Welcome to episode 37 of BrainTree Podcast – “Homework Tips for Teachers”

In the previous episode, Prue and Rocky discussed how parents can make homework more interesting to students and less time consuming. In this episode of BrainTree podcast, Prue is going to cover the same subject but for teachers!

You can force students to learn, to a certain extent, but students aren’t happy and employers aren’t happy. – Sugata Mitra

In this episode of BrainTree Podcast, Prue & Rocky share:

  • What teachers can do to make homework interesting.
  • How to make homework valuable for students.
  • Emotional states you need to bring to whatever you’re doing.
  • How students can manage their time to stay focused and productive.
  • How to keep students engaged.

News and Updates:

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