Episode 4 – Motivation

Another episode of the BrainTree podcast and Prue and Rocky are back to enhance your learning skills!

Rocky opens by learning a little something about scheduling and factoring in some rest time for himself while Prue talks about the benefits of relaxation.

Rocky moves on to define motivation as an emotional state and explains how you feel when you’re motivated. The hosts talk about pain being the driver of motivation and the importance of planning and scheduling in some rest to reduce the pain of your study.

For teachers or parents, Rocky’s advice is don’t tell your student what to do. He explains about the power of self motivation in completing a task. Rocky tells a story about how he told his daughter she didn’t have to do her homework and how this helped her become motivated to do it.

You need to ask yourself (or the student) why you need to do it. Ask yourself what your motivation is.

You also need to be in one of these emotional states

  1. Acceptance
  2. Enjoyment
  3. Enthusiasm

If you are not in one of these states then you’re not going to be able to motivate yourself.

Tune in for the next episode for more from the BrainTree podcast team.

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