Episode 40: How much study to do in the holidays?

Welcome to episode 40 of BrainTree Podcast – “Holidays and Study”

In this episode of BrainTree podcast, Prue and Rocky discuss whether or not students should study during the holidays and the advantages and disadvantages of doing so.

Quotation for the episode:

“The roots of education are bitter but the fruits are sweet”-Aristotle

Prue points out what students should be doing during holidays and Rocky shares his insights about the following things:

  • Junior students should have the liberty to play and relax during the holidays so they can rejuvenate for what’s to come when classes resume.
  • Senior students have it more difficult because they are going through the most demanding phase of their studies.
  • How to create a study schedule for the holidays.
  • Study tips and how senior students can divide their day to prepare for the coming exams and projects.
  • 4 key things that need attention during the holidays and how parents and teachers can help their students with them.

Parents and teachers have crucial roles in making sure students push through difficult times in order to develop discipline, grit and persistence that they will need in real life.

News and Updates:

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