Episode 41: The Adolescent Brain

Welcome to episode 41 of BrainTree Podcast – The Adolescent Brain

In this episode of BrainTree Podcast, Rocky and Prue discuss the complexity of the adolescence brain and what can be done to help adolescents develop holistically even with the pressures they experience during this developmental stage.

Quotation for the episode:

“Adolescence is as much a perplexing time of life as it is an amazing one running roughly between the ages of 12 and 24. Adolescence is known across cultures as a time of great challenge for both the adolescents and the adults who support them” – Daniel J Siegel

In this episode of BrainTree Podcast Rocky and Prue discuss insights about:

  • Another perspective in the age of adolescence and how the stage could go up to 24 years old.
  • The powerful myths about adolescence and how you can view those myths in a different way and help your adolescent actually go through those myths the right way.
  • Adolescence being a time of great exploration and discovery that even though moods are very bad, this time is still a developmental time for character traits.
  • The healthy mind platter and the 7 things that adolescence and adults alike can practice in order to achieve the full potential of the brain’s development.
  • How to help adolescents learn to accept what they are feeling, including negative emotions so they know how to handle conflicts.
  • How playtime for adolescents is still essential and should not be viewed negatively, especially when they’re just hanging out with friends having some downtime.
  • The fact that teachers and adults have the power to help students assess how much time they spend on different activities, because every activity aids in the development of the brain.
  • Teachers and parents should also go through the exercises to also help them live a better life.
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News and Updates:

Rocky has been thinking about how to help people reduce and manage anxiety and at the same time help a school called Giant Steps.  This school helps students and families with Autism.

He created a resource based on The Tapping Technique – a simple and powerful tool you can use that provides physical relaxation within minutes.

Check it out HERE it’s only $7 and the entire proceeds of the sale go to Giant Steps


Tapping technique resource

http://www.rescuetime.com – tracks time spent on different websites

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2 thoughts on “Episode 41: The Adolescent Brain”

  1. Insightful to learn about the 7 different timing….. not just as I journey with my students, equipping them with valuable skills like this but for myself as well! Unstructured downtime is the hardest for me as I am one person that requires lots of structure otherwise I find it hard to function but I shall seek to unstructuring my structure 😀

    It would be nice to hear a podcast on the skill of Listening. Listening to our students, listening with empathy, listening with non-verbal acknowledgement etc.

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