Episode 42: How to Help Your Student When They Are Struggling in a Specific Subject

Welcome to episode 42 of BrainTree Podcast – How To Help Your Student When They Are Struggling In A Specific Subject

In this episode of BrainTree Podcast, Prue and Rocky discuss ways on how to help students whey they are struggling with a specific subject and how to find a network of people that can help you.

Quotation for the episode:

“That’s stupid. If I need help, I’ll shout help” -Game of Thrones

In this episode of BrainTree Podcast Rocky and Prue discuss insights about:

  • Some parents don’t know where to find help when their children are struggling in school and many teachers also don’t know how to help the parents either.
  • Because there is so much out there, parents may get more confused.
  • Parents should encourage kids to first ask subject teachers in school when they are having any problems. It is not easy for teachers to always make sure everyone is on the same page especially since they need to cover a lot in a short space of time.
  • It’s helpful for kids and parents to keep a list of questions they have and look for opportunities to ask the questions.
  • Teachers should make sure that they never ridicule children who ask questions.
  • Adults should always be careful about what they say to kids because they never know what the impact of what they will say is going to be for the child. This is a big responsibility!
  •  Parents should encourage their children to learn from peers too.
  • Tips on how and where to find the right tutor for your child if you really need to.

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