Episode 43: How to help your student with learning issues

Welcome to episode 43 of BrainTree Podcast – Helping Your Student with Learning Difficulties

Episode 43 is a continuation of the last episode where Prue and Rocky discuss how to help students in their studies. This episode will focus more on the learning process of the student and what can be done to encourage students to engage, think and act.

There are no secrets to success; it’s the result of preparation, hard work and learning from failure. – Collin Powell

In this episode of BrainTree Podcast Rocky and Prue discuss insights about:

  • How it is a constant battle for parents to help their kids when it comes to learning.
  • How personal and learning issues are related to one another and cannot be separated if parents and teachers want to help the student completely.
  • How it is important to encourage the student to seek the help they need.
  • That it is important to look at the whole family to identify issues and appropriate solutions for everyone.
  • How parents can document anything that could help identify where the learning issue stems from.
  • That teachers should not easily give up on students and parents if help is refused.
  • The steps that parents and teachers can do on how to help students with their learning difficulties
  • How to avoid labeling kids with diagnoses to not make them feel that they are defective

News and Updates:

We’ll put BrainTree podcast on hold for few months where we are going to reassess the direction, goals of the podcast and define how would BrainTree help students, parents and teachers in the best way over the next year.

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