Episode 8 – Creating Habits

Welcome back to another episode of the BrainTree Podcast. This episode our hosts Rocky and Prue cover habits, good and bad. Rocky opens with a quote from Aristotle before moving on to a personal story about creating a habit to help with his weight loss.

Habits are formed by a three step process, which is demonstrated in this diagram by Charles Duhigg, author of The Power of Habit

How to Change A Habit

The hosts talk about the cue or trigger of habit forming and how acting on this trigger for 3-6 weeks will form a solid habit in your brain. So any action, good or bad, done for long enough will become a habit. This becomes important when you have to identify your habits and isolate the trigger for the habit, in order to help you create a good habit or break a bad one.

Rocky moves on to talking about the reward element (intrinsic and extrinsic) of habits. He uses clinical cases of people who want to stop smoking and how they could use the same cue and reward but change the routine to interrupt that habit loop. Prue and Rocky then use this example in the learning process.

The hosts close with a listener question about setting large, long-term goals and Rocky recommends breaking it down to a smaller, more manageable goal or to set milestone targets along the way.

Tune in next time for more from the BrainTree Podcast.



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