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What people are saying

Hi Rocky and Prue

I think you are both very generous to continue to support people who have done the accidental counselling course and I am very thankful for this. It’s so busy during the term that I don’t really have much time to review these podcasts during the term, but make a conscious effort to catch up in the term breaks. I never regret this, you always remind me of things I forget to do that I should be doing all the time. Thank you, thank you, thank you for helping me survive in a difficult workplace and stay sane.

Warm regards
Cath, Class Teacher

Hi Rocky, I would just like to say a big Thank You to you and Prue, for this wonderful podcast that you are doing. I have recommended the podcast to lots of my friends and customers in my shop.  I am finding that I am using more and more of the stuff I am listening to.  I have even tried some things on my staff. Well done and keep up the great work it is very much appreciated.

Kind regards
Sonya, Parent

Hi Prue and Rocky, That was a great episode. Wonderful presentation by Prue. Very useful topic for all – students, teachers and parents. You have covered every point including plagiarism and how to write an appropriate bibliography. Well done both of you. Can’t wait to listen to all the other (past) episodes which Ihave really missed. Thanks for making them available online.

Renata, Teacher

THANK YOU so much for providing all your resources and podcasts to help student and myself as a teacher become better learners. Thank you for your generosity and encouragement in providing quality and positive resources. You are to be commended in the highest way for what you are providing to listeners because your resources are very useful and helpful. I will be sending this one to my son, who like me has a ‘fear of failure’. He is having a hard time at university and doesn’t get that failure is his way of learning how to improve. I really hope he tunes in, because it’s right what you say, it’s said in an encouraging, supportive and informative way. THANKS 🙂


I found this very helpful and so did my friends. I always learn something from your podcasts and they help me a lot with my study.

Today I loved hearing about the sleep app which I want to get. I also will try to stop having excessive sleep-ins on the weekend, but will try power naps, and plus I am going to try to dim my computer screen when I read at night. These are really helpful tips.

Thank you again!
Nina, Student

Hi Prue and Rocky

Thanks for your faithfulness and generosity in sending these updates. I did the accidental counsellor course about 3 years ago.

Thanks for your positive and uplifting emails.

Warm regards
Cath, Teacher

Thanks – will be using your podcast with Year 11 on Wednesday.

Wendy, Teacher

Very helpful! Really enjoyed this podcast (episode 7 – study notes) and will use it with my classes.

Thanks very much!
Jo, Learning Support Coordinator

Hi Prue and Rocky,

Just a short email to thank you for informing me of the existence of your podcasts a few weeks back. I have promoted them widely in our school via student and staff bulletins.

You’re doing a great job!

Best wishes,
Kevin :0)
Deputy Principal

Awesome, great stuff, thank you

Anthony, Year 7 Advisor


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