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THANK YOU so much for providing all your resources to help students and myself as a teacher become better learners. You are to be commended in the highest way for what you are providing to schools because your resources are very useful and helpful. I have a class that needs help in understanding that ‘failure’ is a way of learning how to improve. Rocky the way you explain it is in such an encouraging, supportive and informative way. THANKS



I found this very helpful and so did my friends. I always learn something from Prue and Rocky’s video and they help me a lot with my study. Today I loved hearing about the sleep app which I want to get. I also will try to stop having excessive sleep-ins on the weekend, but will try power naps, and plus I am going to try to dim my computer screen when I read at night. These are really helpful tips. Thank you again!



Hi Prue and Rocky, The video I just watched in the Study Samurai Library was great. Wonderful presentation by Prue. Very useful topic for all - students, teachers and parents. You have covered every point including plagiarism and how to write an appropriate bibliography. Well done both of you. Can't wait to watch all the other lessons with my students. Thanks for making such a flexible resource.


Deputy Principal